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The Marketing Secrets Show

Feb 10, 2021

On this episode I talk about challenge #2, publishing daily for your existing audience. So tune in and enjoy!

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What's up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. I hope you guys enjoyed the first challenge yesterday. This is challenge number two that I made to all my Two Comma Club X High End Coaching members, and this second challenge is called Publishing Daily For Your Existing Audience. So I'm going to cue up the theme song. When we come back, you'll also have a chance to listen in behind the scenes to a presentation that I gave to just my Two Comma Club X High End Coaching members.

Okay, so now I want to walk you through how I'm publishing every day to my existing audience. You guys have probably been watching me do this. So what I've been doing is I've been going live on Facebook, and I want you to understand the psychology behind this. I think so many times where I'm selling this thing and I don't want to share my best secrets and I don't want to give everything because then they're not going to buy, and what's interesting is the exact opposite is true. And so what I've been doing right now is, during this book launch, every single day I've been going through and reading a chapter, not reading a chapter of the book, because the phrase that was used is I'm trying to make these videos useful, but incomplete. So it's like, "Oh man, that was really, really useful. But man, I need to get the book because I need the full picture." Useful, but incomplete.

And so, each day I'm going live I'm like, "Okay, today we're talking about chapter one." I tell the story about it, I share something amazing, and then at the beginning and the end, I do a call the action. Because what's nice about when I'm doing a Facebook live about my product, I can be like, "Hey guys, today we're talking about this product. This is so awesome you're going to love it, and if you don't have your copy yet, go to and get your free copy. It's going to be awesome." And then I teach them and talk about chapter number three. "So chapter three is this." I'm like, "Oh, on page 71, it's so cool. Check out 71 what we're talking about." And I tell some stories and I'm not holding anything back. I'm very, very useful. Everything I'm sharing is useful. We're like, "Oh my gosh, that's enough, look, that's amazing." Useful, but incomplete.

I'm like, "Oh, I wish I could spend four hours over everything. I can't." I share case studies. Oh, I shared this really cool article from so-and-so. Anyway, it's all in the book. You'll get it in the chapter, but I just wanted to share that piece of it, because when you understand that, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then you do the call to action at the end. "If you don't have the book yet, go to It's amazing." So each of these becomes its own little mini ad publishing every single day. And you can do this if you've got a membership site, if you have a service, you have a whatever. It doesn't matter what it is, the same concepts apply. I come in, I'm like, "Hey everyone. I'm excited to be here today. I'm going to be talking about, boom, the product or service that I sell. If you don't have it yet, go over here to go get it. But regardless, today, I’m going to talk about one piece of it”, and then go in and share the most useful thing you have about the thing. And then make people like, "Oh, I wish I could go more," and then it's like, "Hey, if you don't have it yet, go and get it."

Very simple, very easy to do. It's your own stuff. It's your own frameworks, your ideas anyway. It's not difficult to go bring them out, but it's getting people excited and engaged in the process. They're consuming it with you and they're seeing the good stuff. And if you watched any of these, notice I am not holding things back. I don't know. I'm sharing the best stuff every single chapter, the best stories, but it creates desire in, "I want the thing now because I see how cool it is that I'm missing out on. I need to get access to the whole thing."

So I’m doing that. And, again, all these things are pushing back to the book funnel. So for you, it's pushing back to whatever your new one simplified easy funnel is. Every single day going live, making it really easy. And then from that, for me, because I'm easier, I do better on video first or audio first. I don't do as good on writing, like Ben Settle, writing an email everyday is harder for me. So I start with the video and then my email's like, "Hey, dude, did you see it? I just did a whole video talking about chapter one. I shared this really cool secret. If you haven't checked it, go check it out." I sent an email back to the Facebook Live, and there's my email of the day. So I published a 20 minute video. The email goes out, pushing people back to the video, so that I'm publishing in two spots. My existing audience on Facebook, my existing email audience sees it and pushes them back.

And then recently, you guys might've seen this, I took all of these videos and we just ripped the audio and put them on podcasts. And these worked great as podcast episodes because each podcast starts with me pitching the book, me telling one secret from the book, and it ends with me pitching the book. And now it's like I have this podcast that's literally just all my Facebook Lives, but they're structured in a way that they work for a podcast as well. And right now, this podcast I think is number 12 business podcasts in the world right now, which is crazy since it's just the Facebook Lives. But now people are finding this and they're coming in, and then, again, everyone's got a call to action back to the book.

So for me to do this, you guys, I'm publishing here on three platforms, Facebook, my email, and now on podcasting, it's taking me 20 minutes, well, 20-ish minutes, this one's 27 minutes and the 22, 27, but it's not like I'm spending three or four hours doing it. It's like, "Hey, I'm just going to go live." And I don't prepare for these Lives at all. If you watch them, I'm literally pitching the book, opening to the chapter, looking at my doodles and my pictures like, "Okay, all right, let's talk about this today," and it's just fast. And then from there I get the email, from there I get the podcasts, and it's just an easy way to do it. So that's how I'm publishing to my existing audience 20 minutes a day.