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The Marketing Secrets Show

Nov 26, 2018

Listen to part two of my private coaching session with Nic Fitzgerald. The lessons I shared with him here are the same ones I would share with you if we could meet face to face.

On today's episode Russell continues his chat with Nick Fitzgerald and gives him a list of seven things he can do to help his business grow. Here are some of the awesome things to look forward to in this episode:

  • What a few things that Nick got close to doing totally right, but missed a few key elements.
  • How Nick can collaborate with others in the Two Comma Club X to be able to grow his customer list.
  • And how Russell went from being a nobody, to having Tony Robbins call him to ask for help and how Nick can use that advice to advance his own business.

So listen here to find out what the 7 things are that Nick and anyone else can do to grow a business.

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