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The Marketing Secrets Show

Dec 21, 2020

Marley Jaxx recently asked me if I was to create one last piece of content to establish my legacy, what would it be? I hope you love it.

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Hey, everybody. It's Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. All right. I got a short one for you today, but it's one that I think you're going to love. Marley Jaxx had me speak at her live event and for my presentation, she did a QA, which was really fun. She asked a lot of really, really cool questions, but the very last question she asked me, I thought was really cool. The way I answered it was different than I think I would have in a normal situation, but for whatever reason, it came up.

It's only, what, three and a half minutes long, but the question she asked me is, "If you were to create one last piece of content, one thing that your friends, your family, your followers, your legacy, that you could tell them, if you tell them anything, what would be the last piece of content you would create?" I gave her this response. I'm going to cue up the theme song. When we come back, you have a chance to hear my thoughts on what the last piece of content I would create would be if I was about to leave this earth.

Marley Jaxx:

Your one last piece of content, what would you want to share with people?


That's a really cool question. I think I wish I would have understood this when I started my journey because I didn't at all. In fact, it wasn't until probably two or three years ago that I started realizing it, but just how tied our businesses are to an actual mission from God. I always thought those were separate. I'm like, "There's God, and faith, and bleat, whatever, and then there's our careers." In my mind, it was always these separate things. It wasn't until two or three years in the ClickFunnels where I had an amazing coach who sat me down and was just like, "Do you not understand how these things are related?" I'm like, "No, they're separate. God doesn't care about how much money you make. God doesn't care about my business or whatever."

She's an amazing coach. She sat me down and was just like, "I want you to understand. Look at this thing. These things you're creating, that you're doing, that you're making, as cool as we all think you are, you're not that smart. These are coming. You're getting inspiration from God that's leading you on a way because you've been called to change people's lives. You've been called the serve a group of people and you're coming out and you're serving them. Then when they bump into you, and you give them the shift, then their life changes, and this person's life changes. This is literally a calling from God who's taking you to help shift other people's lives."

I was like, "It never crossed my mind." She's like, "Why in the world do you think 20 years ago you got excited about business. Were you excited about any kind of learning?" I'm like, "No, I hated reading." "Why do you have the biggest library I know?" I'm like, "Because for some reason this thing excited me and it became this insatiable desire. I couldn't stop. I was going to events, speaking in front of no people because I loved it so much and all these things." She helped me understand how tight those things are together. I know some people don't believe in God and that's okay. You can believe in whatever you want, but conceptually, those things are tied together.

I think if I could sit down with myself 20 years ago or sit down to any entrepreneur and help them sit down and say, "Look, this is the deal. You think you're starting a business right now, but it's not that. You've been called to serve a group of entrepreneurs," or group of people or a group. We all have stewardship over somebody. We've been called. While most people, they get the calling and they freak out. They walk away and don't do anything with it, which is devastating, but for those who are doing it, you have this calling and it's scary. You will never feel worthy. You're like, "I'm not ready. I'm not worthy. I got imposter syndrome."




"Who am I to help these people? I'm struggling as much as they are, worse in some situations." All those things, right? You don't feel worthy, but all you know is that, "I've been called and I got to figure this out because if I don't do that, that stewardship will be taken away from me and it will be given someone else. Hopefully, that person will, but this is my calling. I need to figure this out." You look at that lens. It's like, "Oh my gosh. I have stewardship of these people. I need to serve them. I got to figure it out." That's when you start looking at all of the stuff differently, right? The content you're creating, it's like as scary as it is for you, how awkward you feel, it doesn't matter. This is your calling. You were called to serve some people, so get that thing out there. Put it out there and your people are going to hear you.

In the New Testament, Christ talks about this. He says, "My sheep will hear my voice and they will come to me," right? It's the same thing for all of us. That's a true principle. I don't care what faith you are or what belief. That is a true principle. Your sheep will hear your voice.




Your job is not to convert the world of your way of thinking or anything. Your job is to get your message out there. If you do it consistently, your sheep will hear your voice. They'll come to you and you'll have a chance to change their life. I think if I could tell every entrepreneur, you are literally changing the lives of people you've been called to serve and this is not just your career versus whatever, but those things are interrelated, that's what I tell them all because then you'd care more. You'd work harder. You'd be more passionate because you realize that this is more than just me trying to make money. This is me changing people's lives. It would be that.


That was a great way to end that. Mic drop.