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The Marketing Secrets Show

Apr 24, 2019

Want to see my top take-aways from the recent mastermind that I was at, with some of the top thought leaders in the world?

On today's episode Russell talks about some of the things he learned during his recent trip to Puerto Rico for Brendon Burchard's mastermind group. Here are some of the amazing things you should listen for in this episode:

  • Why Russell almost didn't go to the mastermind group, and how Collette convinced him that they should go.
  • What some of the gold nuggets were that Russell picked up from people like, David Bach, Ethan Willis, and Rachel Hollis.
  • And what mastermind group Russell recommends for you to be a part of for you to get the most success with your business.

So listen here to find out what kind of awesome tidbits Russell picked up at the Puerto Rico Mastermind.

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