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The Marketing Secrets Show

Oct 31, 2021

Inside This Episode...

We're talking about an exciting internet marketing opportunity that's been hiding right under our noses, and we didn't even realize it. Experts Mike Schmidt and AJ Rivera join the conversation to share the 'loophole' they accidentally found that nobody knows about yet... and how you can turn this specific 'funnel' into a thriving BUSINESS.

Listen Out For:

  • Why people are losing upwards of 96% of their (and how to PLUG that hole in your business)
  • ​The BIG difference between a Website and a FunnelHub
  • ​How you can quickly grow a service-based business or agency building FunnelHubs for other businesses

Like This Episode?

You can learn more about building a FunnelHub for your own business, or starting an agency that builds FunnelHubs for others through Mike & AJ's training program called FunnelHub Launchpad.