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The Marketing Secrets Show

Dec 30, 2020

If you want to learn the secret to selling more of your products consistently, this is it…

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What's up everybody. Good morning. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. I'm driving to the office and it is raining outside. It's beautiful. But today I want to talk to you about something that I think so many of us entrepreneurs forget about. We get so excited about creating our product. We are so excited about actually building out our funnel and then miss this step. We do not miss it, but we don't do enough to keep sales consistently coming in. And that's what I want to talk to you guys about today. All right. Consistency in sales. This is the key, right? Everybody can launch a product and make a little bit of money. Everybody can put something out and get a sale every once in a while. How do you make consistent sales all the time? I remember when I was first just getting started in this game, there was this internet marketing forum back in the day called The Warrior Forum.

And I was in there. I was a member. I was reading all the internet marketing guys posting, what they're talking about. And some guy posted something about, I can't remember what it was, but he posted something about his sales and how many sales per day he was making. And I remember I was just shocked. I was like, "Wait a minute, you make consistent sales every day?" I thought the whole internet marketing game was like, you create something and every once in a while someone buys it and you get some money to go play, you take your wife out on a date or something. It never crossed my mind there is a way to make consistency in sales. I still remember. I wonder if that post is still there from 18 years ago, whenever it was. But I remember posting, I was just like, "Wait, how do you get sales every single day?"

That never crossed my mind as a thing, that that was a possibility. Because I think I looked at my business as a promotion, and I saw I was looking at launches as a launch. You launch it, and you make some money, then you got to create a new thing to launch. And I remember that was the first time it crossed my mind. And he didn't answer, and nobody answered. But I remember I was just like, "Oh, can you imagine what it'd be like to have sales coming in every single day? That'd be insane." And so, that's kind of the premise of what I'm talking about, because so many of you guys have a promotion or you've got something that sells every once in a while, but it's not like a business that's consistently generating cash, that you're consistently trying to grow. Right?

And so, yesterday, actually last two days, we hired a really cool company called Chamber Media. And they are basically a contract we're doing, one big ad campaign per month with them for the next 12 months. So, what that means is I go into the studio, they write a script, they create a whole thing, and then we film it. And we filmed the video, and then while we filmed the video, we filmed anywhere from six to 10 retargeting ads at the same time. Right? And so, the last two days we actually did two of them. Well, the first one is like a Mission Impossible thing, because we're using it to sell one funnel away challenge. So, I was high waisted. How you say that word? I was in the air in a harness, flying around like, like Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible.

And then, we filmed more stuff, it was so much fun. And then, yesterday was another one is kind of a first person shooter ad and... Anyway, so much fun. We did all things. And I remember at the end of it, they've got their behind the scenes video guy there filming behind the scenes and asking questions to people. And he asked me this question. He said, he's like, "Why do you guys spend so much money creating these funny ads? I just want to understand why you guys are doing this." And the second ad was for Expert Secrets, which is a book. And earlier today someone said, they're like, they've made a comment of like, "He signed a book that's free plus shipping. How was he able to spend this much money on an ad?"

And so when the other guy asked me that question on camera, I was thinking for a minute. I said, "You know what? Most people, they spend so much time creating the product. Right? If we write in the book like, Expert Secrets alone was like an 18 month project, right? So it's like a year and a half of your life is dedicated to creating this thing. And then you go out and you create the funnel. And for me, that's like, I geek out for a long time. So, it's 30 days of me geeking out, deep diving Funnel Hacking a million people, writing the copy, doing the videos, all the stuff, the funnel. And then, there's the next phase, there's all different things that go into, right? And then we launch it. We make a whole bunch of book sales. And then for most people that's where it stops. And for me, it's like, "Why I keep investing time and energy money, making new ads and driving new traffic and all these kind of things."

And it's like, if you think about it, it's because I love my products so much that I don't stop after we launched the product. Right? I want people to continue to read this book forever. I want millions and millions of copies sold. I want, when I'm dead, that there are still ads being run, my face on it, selling my books. In fact, I've told my team multiple times that if I die, they have permission to continue to run my ads every single day. That's my art, don't turn it off. I remember Billy Mays, who's probably one of the greatest pitchman of all time. When he passed away a couple of years ago, they cut all his ads. I think out of respect for him or for the family or something. But even OxiClean is number one best seller of all time, they cut all his OxiClean ads and put it in someone else.

And, and I was just like, "Dude, what?" Ah, Billy Mays as the greatest pitcher of all time, the way he would want his memory to be remembered is people running ads of him. He doesn't care if he's dead or not. That's his art. He wants it to live on beyond himself. And so if my team is listening to this and I've deceased at this point and you're like, "Should we run Russell's ad?" Yes. Keep running the ad. Don't stop it. This is my legacy. I want to continue. You can even add a meme video, from beyond the grave, Russell's coming back to tell you about this book. That's how important it is. I don't care. Keep running my ad. But anyway, I digress. And so that's the reason why I spend so much money, because I care about the product.

I don't want it just to be a promotion or one-off thing. Something that makes sales once in a while, I want this thing to sell consistently every single day for the rest of my life. Right? That's the big transformation in people's heads. And so, I think what happens in our world is, we spend so much time creating the product, right? So, we're trying to create a sales funnel, so much time creating the initial campaign that launches and sells it. And then we stop and we move on to the next thing. And in my mind is like, "What a tragedy. You spent so much of your blood, sweat and tears creating this thing." Like I told the guy in the camera, I was like, "My fingers literally were bleeding from writing this book." I don't want it to go down and as just a promotion, this is something that I want to keep pushing and keep driving and keep making sales.

And so, the question comes back is, what do we do next? After the thing is launched, where do we put our creativity? Is it the next product? The next thing? And the answer is no. You put your creativity into creating more creative, more ads, more things to go grab people and hook them and bring them into your world. Right? If you read Traffic Secrets, all about hook, story, offer. You already have the story, you already have offer. Now it's going out, and you got to create hook after hook after hook, after hook after hook to grab more people and bring them in to hear your story. Okay. So, the last part which never ends is the creation of hooks. You are creating hooks and hooks and hooks and hooks to keep grabbing people and bringing them into your world.

And that's where the creativity lies, I think us as entrepreneurs. And I'm as guilty as anybody. "My creativity is in the next book, the next project, the next funnel, the next thing." And it's like, "No, I need to shift more of my creativity into the next creative, the next ad, the next video, the next message. The next podcast, next thing is going to bring more people into my world." And so, in fact, it's funny, Steven Larsen, he messaged me yesterday on Voxer. He was like, "Dude, in the last..." I can't remember two and a half years or three years since he left ClickFunnels. He's like, "We've launched 90 funnels." He's like, "Only like three of them are making any money. So, we're like killing all the rest of them, and I'm going to start focusing my time on just creating more ads to sell those three that are actually making the money."

I was like, "Yes, that's exactly what I'm talking about." And so, for most of you guys, you have something amazing. You've created something in the past. It's sitting there on the shelf, or in your ClickFunnels account that made money at once and stopped, or made a little bit, but not what you wanted, so you stopped. The answer's not, "Go make a new thing." It's, "Go create more ads, go create more videos, go talk more, make more noise, get your message out there. Throw out more hooks and hooks and hooks until you find the right hook." Recently watching Dean Graziosi's video from Funnel Hacking Live. He's talked about his book, Millionaire Success Habits. And they spent a year and a half, two years driving traffic to that book, and it did. Okay. Never did awesome. And he kept trying different ads, trying different ads.

And it was a year and a half, almost two years in that he did this ad that had a different message, right? It was just a shift on the positioning of how he positioned the thing. And that was the one that hit. And since that point they've sold 500,000 copies of the book or more. But it was just shifting the message. But he didn't know what messaging was right. It took him a year and a half of creating lots of hooks after hook, after hookup hook, after hook, before he found the one that blew it up. Right? And so sometimes we just stop too early. We try a hook, it doesn't work, we're like, "Oh, I'm out." It's like, "No, no, no, no. The product might not be wrong. The funnel might not be wrong. It's your hooks were wrong. Like how many hooks you can throw out today? Is it one? Is a two? Is it 10? Is it 100?"

Like, go create more of them. Put more out there, make more ads, create more videos, make more images. All the stuff we're doing, all the things happening around the product around the funnel are as important, if not more so. Well, they're definitely more so for your longterm consistency in sales, right? I think it was really fun yesterday, as we were creating these ads, every single scene of the ad, we'd create the ad, and then we would stop and we'd create retargeting ad right there. Right. And so for one video, we'd have six, seven retargeting ads. Today, I'm coming in, we have a landing page we're creating. And so, I'm trying to get his picture. So we're coming here, we're getting a picture. I was trying to like, "Give me the best hook for the pictures." So, I wore red shirt and red watch and red shoes, because to be bright, right?

And the picture, we have these colored, the big colored sticky notes, all these things. Because I'm trying to create a hook to grab people's attention. Right? And then Brandon's coming over with his video camera. And after, we had the pitches landing page, I'm going to create 30 different ads to get people to the landing page. Right? So it's going to be me showing them landing pages, talking about landing pages, and there's all these little micro ads will run on Facebook and YouTube and Instagram and everywhere. All talking about the picture that is the pitch on the landing page to get somebody to opt-in. Right? And so I'll probably create 30 different ads today, all going to the landing page that we're developing today. And that's it. Right? And I'll probably have 30 ads, and probably 20 retargeting ads.

So, it's just like, here's the one piece of content. Right? The landing page. But then from that landing page, we go back and we create 30 ads, 40 ads, 50 ads, all just pushing to the landing page. And they're all dumb. They're little, they're fun. And we have no idea which one is going to work, which ones aren't going to work. So, we just make a whole bunch of them. Right? And that's the secret. That's the key to longevity. So, anyway, I hope that I hope that helps. Especially if you guys who were frustrated, sales are down, you trying very hard to get consistency. You want to make this more of a, instead of a hobby, more of a full-time job. It's shifting your focus from the next product to the next ad, and putting in focus in your creativity there. So anyway, I hope that helps. Cool stuff happening and hope you guys are having great holidays. And now that said, I'm going to go inside and take some pictures and create some hooks, and hopefully sell some more books. I appreciate you all. And they'll talk to you soon.