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The Marketing Secrets Show

Dec 29, 2021

Russell went live today to answer a question from the community.

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What's up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Seekers podcast. Today, I'm excited. We actually asked you guys on Instagram what you wanted me to talk about on the podcast, and we got back 40 different responses that were actually really, really good. So, I've got the next 40 episodes lined out. No, just kidding, but I do have a bunch that I want to share, and so today's question I'm going to be answering is, how do you get your first client as a funnel builder?

All right. As you guys know, I am a big fan of funnel building. I think that everybody should start in this industry building funnels for the people because that's a skillset everyone's got to learn, and the better you get at it, the more valuable your skillset becomes, right? By funnel building, I don't just mean just building a funnel. Here, you get all aspects of it. You got to get good at writing copy and doing the funnel and the headline and connecting things and the graphic design, and all the different pieces because you got to learn it initially, hopefully on somebody else's dime. That's what's nice about being a funnel builder.

Someone hires you and you go and you build a funnel for them and they pay you, and you do that and you keep getting better and you get better, and you hone your skill and your craft. Your skillsets get better and better. Your copy gets better. Your funnels get better. Your designs get better. All the things get better and better and better, and during that process as you keep getting better, hopefully you have some idea for a product or a service you can sell, and now you got this funnel skillset that's already dialed-in and perfected. It's ready, and then you can plug in whatever products or service you have, and now you can quit being a funnel builder for other people and you now are a funnel builder for yourself. That's the path I would do if I was to start over again.

And so, this question is really, really good, and the question once again was, how do you get your very first client as a funnel builder? What I would do, and I kind of did this when I decided I wanted to launch my Inner Circle coaching program. Some of you guys have heard me tell the story before. I didn't just go out there and launch the program. I thought, I got to go and prove that I'm actually awesome at this process that I'm teaching, that I want to teach people, that I'm doing. And so, the first thing for me is I figure out, well, who is my dream client? I was like, my dream client are successful entrepreneurs who need to grow their company with a sales funnel.

I started looking. Well, who would be my dream person if I could go and pick a client? Like, that's my client, that's the person I want to work for. I was, at the time, really big into juicing, and Drew Canole was this guy who I had seen on Facebook a lot. He seemed really awesome. I saw his business and it was good and I was like, I think I can help. And so, I literally went to Drew and I volunteered to work for him for free, and then I helped him. I consulted him. We helped him build and launch their Organifi funnel. They launched it, and the rest is history. I was then able to deliver that story to go and get a whole bunch of people to join my Inner Circle.

Now, if I was going to go and become a funnel builder, I would literally do the exact same thing. I would decide what type of business do I want to build a funnel for them. Now, if it was me, I'm passionate about authors and speakers and things like that, so I'd be like, I'm passionate about authors so I'm going to go find someone who's got a book. I'm going to build them a book funnel. Or, maybe you're passionate about something different. Maybe you're passionate about chiropractors or dentists or plastic surgeons or whatever, right? So, I would go and I would find the person who is your dream client who you would love to have 10 or 20 or 50 or 100 of those people and you want to be the funnel builder for all of them, and then find one of them and then go and work for free. Go and find that person to be a case study.

So, go find the dentist down the street and say, "Hey, I'm going to build out your entire funnel for you. It's not going to cost you a penny. I just need to you let me record you for some videos and some things I need and whatever," and go and do the work for free. Do it for somebody for free. Build a case study, prove that you know what you're doing, and if you can do that, you take those dentists, you launch the campaign, you get to the point where you're bringing in five new leads a day off Facebook ads to build a funnel landing page and blah, blah, blah, whatever it is. Now I have a case study. I take that case study and go to 500 other dentists and like, "Hey, let me show you a really quick process I put together that gets local dentists an extra five new clients a day, and I can do it for you as well."

Then I go directly to the 500 dentists and I show them that campaign. "Hey, I did this free, I did this over here. Do you want me to do it for you, too? Do you want me to do it for you, too?" If I send it to 500 people, guess what? I'm probably going to get 50 that respond, and from the 50 that respond, probably can get 10 that give me money, and now my one case study turned into 10 paying clients. And so, that's how I'd get my very first job as a funnel builder. Find out who is my dream client. I go find one of those people. I would go work my face off for free and give and serve and work and do everything I can to make sure that person is successful. I then take that case study, show it to the rest of my dream clients, and from there it's just the lay-down sale. They're just lining up and buying all day.

Literally after I got my Drew Canole testimonial video coming back from Drew, like, "This is what I did for Drew's company," and he's like, "My company changed thanks to Russell." I showed that out there, and boom, launched Inner Circle and now I've got one of the largest and the most expensive mastermind programs in the world because I built it off of the case study of my dream client. And so, that's what I would do.

Hope that helps for any new funnel builders or, honestly, this is also the same process I do for almost anything. If I was selling a course, guess what I would do. I would find a group of people. I'd take them to the course, give an amazing result, and then that would become a case study I'd use to sell the course. If I was selling a physical product, guess what I would do? I'd take the physical product, give it to a couple of people, build a case study off of it. If the case study becomes a sales video and sell to people, it's the same process, right? It's result in advances. It's proving that what you can do actually works for somebody besides yourself, and that's kind of the best way to do it.

So, hopefully that helps, and if you guys who are first-time funnel builders who are trying to build a funnel, figuring out how you can do it, but hopefully it helps all of you guys no matter what you're selling, is to and get the case study first, and that's the best way to grow your business. Okay, see you guys. Hope this helps, and keep sending your questions and I will continue to answer them here on the podcast. Thanks again, and I will talk to you soon.