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The Marketing Secrets Show

Jun 29, 2020

How to find and earn your level 10 opportunity. This is the first half of a presentation I gave at Stephen Larsen's OfferMind event.

On today's episode Russell shares a presentation from OfferMind about how he founded Clickfunnels and the journey it took to get there. Here are some of the amazing thing you will hear in part 1 of the presentation:

  • Hear a funny story about potato guns being shipped to a hotel where an event was held, after the event was already over.
  • Find out why even though family and friends were less than enthusiastic about all Russell's new ideas, he kept talking about them.
  • See why it took Russell more than 130 funnels before he created Clickfunnels.

So listen here to part 1 of Russell's Level 10 Opportunity presentation from OfferMind.

Transcript -