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The Marketing Secrets Show

Oct 14, 2020

If you’re going to do something, you might as well be the best at it.

This past week I spoke at a Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi mastermind event, which was super cool. My wife and I flew to the event in Florida and we stayed at this nice resort.

And while we were there, we decided to book some massages. My first massage was just terrible. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but to be honest, I couldn’t wait to get off the massage table. In fact, I didn’t even want to go back for the massage I had booked for the following day.  But…it was already paid for so I bit the bullet, even though I was dreading it.

When I got to the massage room, it was a different massage therapist… And one of the best massages I EVER had! AMAZING. And I started thinking about the difference between someone who was ‘average’ at what they do… And someone who was EXTRAORDINARY…an ARTIST…the BEST at what they do.

So my question for you is, “Do you want to be just ‘average’ or do you want to be THE BEST at what you do?”

Check out this episode of Marketing Secrets to discover how YOU can be the BEST at what you do AND give someone an AMAZING experience.


What's up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson and welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. As always, grateful that you are here, grateful we're hanging out and excited to share with you guys something that I think will be helpful in your career, in your life, in your marriage, in your family and everything you do. With that said, let's cue the theme song, and I'll be back in a second.

All right. Last weekend was insane. I don't know if I told you this yet. I probably haven't gotten too deep. But I had a chance to go speak at Dean Graziosi's and Tony Robbins event at Tony's studio, which he built this huge studio when COVID hit where you can come in this Zoom room where it's this huge stadium wrapped in Zoom walls. It was crazy. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the pictures. But anyway, it was really, really special and really fun. And we actually flew there in Tony's private plane, which was crazy. We had a chance to go to his house and it was a really special weekend.

But without telling you too much of that, and I wish I could go deeper, so many crazy experience. I could do a three-day call, just talking about all the ahas and takeaways from that. But I will drip them out to you throughout the next few episodes. But there's one thing that was interesting. We decided when we were there, we were there for six days, which was kind of cool. We had a chance to hang out with some really cool people and just relax and take a break a little bit. And at the hotel there's a spa, so like, "Let's go get massages." We signed up for massages two different days. And obviously now with COVID, there's weirdness. Not in Boise. I love Idaho. Idaho is different.

But in Florida, where we're at, they have different rules, right? You had to wear face masks more often and all sorts of stuff. We go to get our first massage and I get in there and it was only a 60 minute massage, because that's all they had time for that day or whatever. And the masseuse comes out and she puts on plastic gloves, which was kind of weird. I'm not going to lie, it wasn't my favorite, but I'm like, "Ah, whatever." I'm getting a massage and it was not my favorite massage, partially it was because ... Anyway, there are a lot of reasons why. As I was getting a massage, I was annoyed. I didn't like it. It wouldn't feel good. It was just like ... She was technically giving me a massage, but it was not a good massage.

So much so, by the end of my 60 minutes ... Normally, I get a 90 minute massage. But by the end of my 60 minute massage, I just wanted it to be done. It was the longest 60 minutes of my life. I was miserable. I didn't have a good time. And I was even thinking, "I think I hate massages. Maybe I've changed. Maybe I don't like massages anymore. Maybe ... " Whatever. Right? And I was so annoyed when I finally got done, I was like, "Oh, thank heavens it's over. Get me out of here." And I just left. I'm in this beautiful spot and all these amenities. I was like, "No, I'm done. I don't do massages anymore. I don't do spas." I just had a horrible experience. I'm like, "I'm never getting a massage again."

And I remember after I got a massage later and then we met afterwards, and I was just like, "That was horrible. I don't ever want to get massage again." And she's like, "Well, we have one booked for tomorrow." I'm like, "I know." I'm like, "I don't really want to go. Should we cancel?" And anyway, it was interesting. The next day I go back, because you have a 24 hour cancellation period. I'm like, "Ah, I have to get a massage." I'm like, "I don't even like massages. This one's going to be 90 minutes. I'm going to be miserable. Ah, just get out of the whole thing." Right? I get there in kind of a bad attitude. And as we're talking to the masseuse and she's a different person and super nice. And we laid out to get massages and she starts massages me.

The same thing, she has to wear the plastic gloves, which is kind of annoying, but whatever. Does the massage and this time it is a completely different experience. This person was an artist. It was amazing. It's crazy, because I spent the same amount of money on both massages. Right? And the first one, I wanted to die. I wanted to get off the table. I want to leave. Right? And this next person was insane. They were amazing. The 90 minutes was over and I was like, "Are you kidding me? I want to give you some more money. I just want to flip back over and keep doing this back and forth all day till you're off shift or whatever." It was amazing.

And I remember laying there thinking about how just 24 hours earlier, I had a massage from a person, same spots, same everything and how I hated it. And this one was amazing. I could've paid anything to continue this experience longer. And I started thinking about this. Right? Both of these people would consider themselves masseuses. Right? Both of them got paid the same amount money to do the job. But one was an artist. One was great at what they do. And one just did the thing. Right? And I started thinking about my life. Everything I've done, I've tried ... I don't know. I always want to be the best.

I remember when I was wrestling, I bought this VHS tape, pre-DVDs. And it was the story about Tom and Terry Brands, who are twin brothers who are wrestlers at Iowa. And I remember the movie started with ... First, Tom Brand's comes on, he says, "My name's Tom Brands. My goal is simple. I want to be the best wrestler in the world." And the next one came up. "My name's Terry Brands. My goal is simple. I want to be the best wrestler in the whole world." And then that's how it starts. And boom, it goes into their training montage and stuff. And I was just like, "Yes." I remember thinking all the time, "My name's Russell Brunson. I want to be the greatest wrestler in the world." Right?

And so, because I didn't want to be a good wrestler. I didn't want to be like, okay. I wanted to be the best in the world. And obviously, I never got there, but that was my belief. And so, because of that I got way further than I probably ever should have gotten based on my skill and talent level. Right? I was a state champ. I was an All-American. I took second in the nation in high school, went to college. I was ranked the top 10 in college. Never placed NCA. But, I had a good career. And when I switched to business, it was the same thing. When I got into business, I wasn't just like, "I want to make money." I was like, "I want to be the greatest marketer that's ever lived. If I'm doing this job anywhere, I might as well be amazing at it." Right?

And I was just thinking about that so much during this massage, I'm just like, "Both these people have the same job title, but one's amazing. And one's eh." And I think about, for all of us, ... Like with my kids, I'm like, "I don't care what you guys do. I don't care what you want to be when you grow up. But don't just be okay, be the best in the world. How do you become amazing? Not just good, but amazing. What do you have to do different?" I don't know. I don't know how to teach that exactly, more so than just helping you guys want that and desire it. Don't be the crappy masseuse. I think about funnel building. Right? There's tons of people out there teaching funnel building and doing funnel building.

You could hire someone and you see people that hire someone and they get a funnel and the funnel sucks. It's just like, you're a funnel builder, become the best in the world. Obsess about. Obsess about design, and copy, and all these things so that when you build someone a funnel, you hand it to them, it should be art. They should be blown away by it. Just the second masseuse, I was blown away. That's the experience you want to give someone. If you can't give someone that experience yet, you need to geek out more. You got to go deeper. You got to become better. Right? Become the best in the world at your art, at your craft, whatever it is. Right?

If I was a dentist, I'd be like, "Okay, there's dentists. But there's amazing dentists." There's chiropractic. I don't want to be a good chiropractor. I want to be the best in the world. And there's tiers. There's levels. You see it in every industry. Right? Every industry. I was talking to one of my buddies who's one of the top doctors. He's a certain type of doctor, one of the best in the world. And I was asking about that and he told me, he's like, "If you ever get sick here in Idaho," he's like, "Tell me ahead of time and I'll tell you which doctors to go to." I was like, "Is there really that big of a difference?" He's like, "You have no idea which doctor got a D in their class, which one got an A." Right? "There's definitely a difference. Just because they have a degree does not mean they're the same thing."

"If you have someone cutting you open, who do you want? The person who's okay, or the best in the world?" And so, I think there's a couple of things. Number one, it's like, when you're trying to hire someone to do something, don't look for someone who's okay. Go find people who are the best in the world. You know what I mean? Spend the extra money, spend the extra time. Find the best in the world. If you're looking for employees, don't find people that are, "Eh, they're okay." Find the best in the world. Right? And then for you is, don't be okay with, "Oh, I'm okay. I'm good." Don't do that. Be the best in the world. It's not that much harder. Right? I mean, it's going to take more time and effort and energy.

But man, when you become the best in the world, people will travel from everywhere to come to you. They'll spend more to get to you. They will do everything, because ... Like right now, I would have paid the second masseuse 10 times what I paid the first one, and happily done it. I would fly her to Boise once a month to give me a massage, that's how good it was. Right? And it's understanding that versus like, "Oh yeah, that was okay. That was good." I don't know, if you put that much love into your craft. Again, and I'm talking to a lot of you who were funnel builders, who are in agencies to find out. Man, put in the time. Don't give a client crap. Make sure you become the best in the world. Understanding all the pieces.

How to make a funnel go from good to great? What's the differences, image size, colors, text, copy, video, storytelling, all the things. Don't just dabble, become obsessed. If you watch the way that I build a funnel with my team, I'm obsessive about it. They're like, "Man, you're spending so much time on the headline." I'm like, "Yeah, because that's the most important part." Right? They're like, "Man, you're spending so much time crafting the script in the video." And it's like, "Yes, because I want to be the best in the world. I don't want to be okay." And so, for you guys, I want you to just think into that, how do you become the best?

Because if you do that, man, life is better. You'll serve more people. All these things ... Your experiences will increase. I didn't get to have a chance to go speak at Tony's event because I was a good funnel builder, because I had okay companies. It's because I've been obsessed with becoming the best. People who are in that same way, people obsessed with that kind of stuff, they recognize it and they respect it and they follow it. And so, if you want to be in good company with the right people, then obsess about that. Anyway, that's my calling to you guys today. I just want to share that, because it was on the top of my mind during that whole massage. I was just like, "Man, look at this different experience." Right?

In everything of my life, I want to find the person who's the best, not the person who's good. Right? And then on the flip-side, I want to become the best. I don't want to be just good. This is for all of you guys. Just like I did when I heard the wrestling video, "My name's Tom Brands. I want to be the greatest wrestler in the world. My name's Terry Brands. I want to be the greatest wrestler in the world." My name's Russell Brunson. I want to be the greatest wrestler in the world. My name's Russell Brunson. I want to be the greatest marketer in the world. What is your thing? What is it that you want to be the greatest in the world at? What are you willing to put in the time, and the effort, and the stress, and the pressure, and the ups and the downs, and the pain to be able to become the best at?

Okay? Because when this life is done and it wraps up and it's over, right? Do we want to leave it knowing like, "Man, I became the best at this thing. I loved it so much. I was so passionate about it. I cared enough to make myself the best." Maybe you'll never get it. I never became the best wrestler. But the journey of that meant everything to me. Right? It translated into so many good things in my life. I'm so grateful for every one of those experiences. I didn't become the best, but the pursuit of becoming the best is what gave me the life I have now. And I'm so grateful for it and I wouldn't trade that for anything.

Pick what it is. What do you want to be the best in the world at? And then pursue it with your heart, with your soul, with everything you have. And if you do that, man, I promise you, your life will be richer. Your relationships will be fuller and you'll get access to people and things that you never dreamt were possible. With that said, I appreciate you all. If you got any value from this episode, please tag me in it on social so I can see it. Let me know in the comments. Love to hear back from you guys. With that said, thanks so much and I'll talk to you all again soon. Bye, everybody.